Why study in the UK

To study abroad, the United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations in the world. The UK is the door open for other countries with hundreds of world-class universities and a higher-education system.

London, UK becomes the number 1 destination for international students to study this year among 140 cities on the list, according to a recently released annual report on higher education. The increasing number of Nepali students going abroad to London.

A Degree from a UK university will be great when you looking to work in any country. International students are welcomed to the UK and it’s a common thing they provide a variety of courses. London is an interesting place to live and an opportunity to build a standard lifestyle. It is an English country so their no doubt to develop excellent language skills.

Are you planning to study abroad at a destination in the UK?

Some of the reasons why the UK is the best destination to study abroad.

  • Worldwide recognition
  • Work opportunities
  • Gateway to Europe
  • Multicultural Nation
  • Education costs are lower
  • Top ranking UK universities
  • Top ranking UK universities
  • Academic benefits
  • Financial benefits

Worldwide recognition

Degree and qualifications from Uk higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world-class. Oxford and Cambridge name to recognizable names worldwide.

Work opportunities

An international student in the UK is normally 20 hours a week. University or UK government have policies to allow international students to take on a part-time job or an internship and learn new skills.

Gateway to Europe

Europe is easier to access than ever. By train or direct flight anyone can reach most of the European cities from the UK within a few hours.

Multicultural Nation

The United Kingdom is known for its multicultural society, galleries, and variety of food. The UK is very open to cultural exchanges which is a great thing for international students. They meet different countries students share their cultures

Education costs are lower

The minimum period of time to complete education courses in the UK than in other countries. Most bachelor’s degree programs are three years and master’s programs are between one and two years. So UK education is affordable.

Top ranking UK universities

The main factor is the quality of education and top of international ranking universities with the best experience and providing the most relevant knowledge.

Shorter courses

For it is one of the major reasons for international they get a degree in the UK in a shorter period of time than in other countries. In the UK, get a complete undergraduate degree in 3 years and a master’s degree in one year if you study full time.

Academic benefits

● Your education will be recognized all over the world.
● Whatever you decide to study, you can study in the UK
● You will get the skills you need to succeed
● Work opportunities

Financial benefits

● British universities are affordable, no matter which you choose
● The cost of living is reasonable

Other benefits

● The UK has a unique culture

The Uk is the gateway to the rest of Europe


Students have always the option of where they want to study, and what courses. The united kingdom is also one of the best destinations to study abroad. The UK has various choices of universities and courses, opportunities to explore multicultural society, a simple admission process, degrees in shorer time, and work opportunities.

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