Study in Japan

Is studying in Japan something that you want to do? Study in Japan could be a lifetime opportunity to live those experiences in Japan while growing your career. You will have fun, see new places, get a step ahead of your peers, build valuable international contacts, immerse yourself in another culture and learn a new language.

Top reasons for studying in Japan

High educational standards:

Japan is a great country to study abroad in and the number one place to go for higher education in Asia. It houses the highest number of Nobel Prize winners in the continent and has a growing number of globally oriented universities.

Innovation and Cutting edge technology:

Japan is famous for developing our imagination and making it a reality. The research and development-oriented educational system of Japan contributed to this. Will you study there someday?

Low tuition fees and generous scholarships:

Tuition fees are affordable in Canada, which means that there are many scholarships available. The government has set a target to bring more international students to the country and they’ve been making the procedures cheaper and more accessible.

Rich and fascinating culture:

If you visit Japan, there’s a lot to keep you busy. Explore peaceful temples and shrines, demon museums, and the history of how Japan was unified by the sword. Enjoy summer festivals and traditional ceremonies in rural towns, or global cities full of life. You have the peace of mind that comes with being in one of the world’s safest countries.